Question about installing a deadbolt/door knob...


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Question about installing a deadbolt/door knob...

I was installing a new deadbolt and door knob and noticed that this part of the lock (colored in red) is kind of loose because the screws don't really have a lot to screw into since the door is old and has had many locks installed and removed over the years. It doesn't really seem like a problem, and the lock functions fine, but I was wondering if there's anything I can use to like, fill the door in so the screws have something to hold on to.

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If it's an all wood door...... try filling each hole with a wooden match stick.
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Longer screws will also work.
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Longer screws...twice the length of those supplied. If it's hard wood, I'd drill a pilot hole first, to keep the door from splitting.
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There is an excellent product called Plast-Aid that is available online. You can use it for filling the holes in wood to allow the repair of screwholes.

I use it for repairing UPVC and waterproofing, creating new moulded parts. i also use it to recreate parts for broken die cast or simply to repair broken diecast.

Search on your search engine and watch the videos. It is only about $20.
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Another way to resolve this is glue something into the hole like a golf tee or wood dowel (sometimes requires drilling the holes a little larger to get an exact fit for the plug), cutting it off flush and then re-drilling the holes you need.

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