Trying to educate on door locks/deadbolts/keyways/different brands


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Trying to educate on door locks/deadbolts/keyways/different brands

I'm a newbie here, sorry this is very long! I'm looking to replace current residential external door hardware on 3 doors, and I'd like them all to have the same key. Current hardware is Kwikset. Reason for changing is mainly aesthetic, and while we're at it, go for a better brand. Most people (including 1 locksmith) are telling me Baldwin is great, but to go for their higher end Estate or Reserve, and not the Prestige that is sold at big box stores. I'm not looking for feedback on brand necessarily, as I've already picked out most of the hardware but need help understanding how locks are keyed and what a keyway is to finish my selections.
Door #1 - front door will have a handleset w/ 1 deadbolt. Ordered a Baldwin estate handleset with C keyway.
Door #2 - back door A will have single cylinder deadbolt and entry door knob (I think this is what this is called - the kind with keyed lock on one side and small turnkey on other).
Door #3 - back door B will have double cylinder deadbolt (due to glass in door) and entry door knob (same knob as door #2).

My problem is finding entry door knobs for Doors #2 & 3. I have already ordered the single and double cylinder deadbolts for these doors (Baldwin Reserve C keyway). Baldwin does make a compatible entry door knob, but the only style that I like in this brand is $$$ and I'm looking for less expensive options in another brand.

What other brands are compatible with the Baldwin Estate and Reserve lines? If the locks I've ordered so far have a C keyway, can I get an entry door knob from any brand as long as it also has a C keyway (so that they can all be opened by the same key? (Let's forget for a moment that different brands may not match in color. I'm just trying to educate myself on the mechanics of the keyways.) I did ask a locksmith and it was like he couldn't "dumb it down" for me and just confused me more. Thank you so much for whoever can answer this for me!
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The "Keyway" is merely the shape of the keyhole...if a key is not shaped properly
(ie., a different keyway) it will not enter the lock. The "C" keyway has become the most common keyway in the USA, and is the standard default keyway for many different lock brands, and is optional for most others. Duplicate keys can be made anywhere. Locks with the same keyway can be keyed alike, or masterkeyed in many ways.

As far as matching knobsets with deadbolts, you specifically mention "Entry door knob" which, by definition, is a key outside & pushbutton or thumbturn inside. You might consider a "Passage Set" or "Passage Knob" for use in conjunction with the deadbolts, as they will eliminate accidental lockouts. And the convenience of the Entry lock, with it's ability to simply push (turn) the button and close the door behind you to lock the door, gives a false sense of security, as these types of locks (in typical residential construction) can be slipped or otherwise forced open far easier than a deadbolt.

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