Key stuck in barrle lock


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Key stuck in barrel lock


I wondered if anyone knows what I can do about this problem.

The key is stuck in the lock and I can't remove the lock from the door as the key is only able to turn from about the 3 O`clock position to the 25 past two position... I have sprayed some WD-40 in there but it hasn't helped... It seems to be stuck fast!

Cheers in advance!

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I actually managed to remove it. Had forgotten to unscrew it from the side! Appears there's nothing wrong with the lock anyway, there was a bit of something in the door jamming the mechanism.
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just another word of warning...WD40 should not be used to lubricate anything if you expect to get life or more life from your product. WD40 is specifically designed to displace water. Displacing water means that it dries out wet parts. If you dry something out, you lose lubricaton.
WD40 will temporarliy lubricate wet metal until it dries out. When it does dry out, it will gum up and leave a gummy residue, often making your original problem worse. Choose to use either a silicone or teflon based lubricant. Products like Triflow or Promagic Lubra gel, with the latter being a teflon based lubricant that forms into a self lubricating gel offering longer lasting effects.
Otherwise use singer sewing machine oil.

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