door closer slamming


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door closer slamming

Hi all. I have an automatic door closer on my rentals front access door.
Its been working fine for a few years now seems to have leaked fluid (I can see it dripping from a plug bolt) and slams when opened a tiny bit and let go.

I was going to readjust it but honestly Im pretty sure quite a bit of fluid has come out and adjusting will only be temp if help at all.

Is it possible to unscrew the plug and just pour some oil back in and work the piston like a brake pedal to build pressure back?

Would hate to chuck this, its a really nice closer.

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I don't know but those that do will likely need to know the brand/type closer you have.
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Its a taymor
Looks like this guy here
Taymor 14-602AL Size 2 Door Closer - Aluminum Finish - AZ Partsmaster
Mine has a plug a bit to the left of the arm underneath that is leaking out
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The link says that it uses hydraulic oil and also that it is a two stage closer. The second stage (final closing) is not working properly. You should be able to get the oil at an auto parts store and give it a try. If that does not cure it, it would probably be cheaper to replace it than to find replacements parts and rebuild it.
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I would suggest you replace the door closer. They can be rebuilt and professionally serviced, but it is usually cheaper and quicker to just buy a new one. Once the oil has leaked out, it means the pressure washer has corroded and needs to be replaced. This must be done under pressure. It is not as simple as it seems.
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this is fixable, but will require a workshop, tools and a workbench to do, even though the brand (taymor) frowns upon end user/owner DIY on closers (due to springs, they are dangerus and under pressure) closer repairing is up to you and done at your own risk,

can help you save money, but due to the economy, many prefer you do like GlobalLocky said, replace it with a new one

if you choose to repair this closer,

first thing you will need to do is fix the leaking shaft o-ring, (depends on what side it is on, if its on the side with the removable nut or the non removable side)

if its the non-reoveable nut side, during the o-ring replacing, you will need to acutally pull the pinion shaft out of the closer to gain access to the o-ring, also note oil that still remains in the closer will drain out when you pull the pinion shaft, remove o-ring from closer , replace ring with one of same size/shape and put pinion shaft back in, replace other o-ring as well (so it dont leak form opposite shaft later on) reassemble the nut back onto the shaft and tighten down really good (or use locktite on the threads of the nut then tighten down)

refill it with oil, position in a bench vise with sweep and latch valves upwards, remove latch (i like to fill through the latch valve) less chance it will squirt you during refilling process) using transmission fluid or power steering fluid slowly pour in the oil while working the arm to circulate the oil into the closer, (may have to stop pouring and put your thumb over the hole and let arm slowly closed and start filling when your pushing arm against spring pressure,

when full, (and no bubbles or "burping" or "farting" sounds are heard when the closer is being filled, put valve back in, and remount to the door, adjust to desired speeds (sweep and latch) and check for leaks,

if all is well (no leaks) congrats, you fixed the closer and not spent any more money to buy a new closer,

repairing a closer may be cheaper then buying a new one, please be aware that DIY "closer surgery" can void the manufacture's warrentee imposed on the closer

got any more questions/concerns, feel free to let me know,

-Jess the door closer doctor

-Jess the door closer doctor
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This is a Chinese clone of the famous Norton 1600 series, and is now probably the most copied closer around. Quality varies depending on manufacturer. In this brand & price range you are much better off replacing it.

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