Latch won't retract


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Latch won't retract

I live in a mobile home. I have a set of french doors and we removed the door handle but the deadlatch is stuck and there are no screws on the door jam to remove it. It's really stuck in there and we have tried all we can to get it out. Could the problem be that it's because the bottom lock (that we are attempting to replace) is part of a metal door instead of wood and that it's "plated" on with the deadbolt above it? Hope that makes sense.
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Welcome to the forums! Have you unlocked the deadbolt? You may want to post pictures of the situation so we can see what you see.
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I suggest it is a knock in latch mechanism. (the lazy way to install a latch) With the door open, put a large screwdriver through the spindle hole and tap the screwdriver handle with your hammer. It will come out, just you may need some elbow grease (persuasion)

If there is no knock-in latch, it may be that the whole edge of the door needs to be disassembled to get to the latch underneath.
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Latch won't retract

Any chance you could take a few pictures of this, as this would help to diagnose the problem.
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These doors are often metal skin with a dense foam core, and wood rails. If the door's edge is wood, and the latch has no screws, and appears to be inserted into a 1" hole, it probably is, as Global suggested, a "drive-in" ("knock-in") latch.

Tho the hammer method is fine, I usually take the large screwdriver, placed as described, grasp each end with each hand and place my knee against the door's edge, and pull. (Placing your head against the door's edge for more leverage helps, but could result in a slight headache).

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