Filling & replacing a lock hole on an exterior door


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Filling & replacing a lock hole on an exterior door

Hi folks -

I've been putting together a door under a couple of annoying constraints: it's of nonstandard size, and the existing single cylinder deadbolt can't be easily removed from the frame. (It's an external deadbolt, screwed in on the inside.) I've taken a solid wood door, carefully cut it to size, and screwed in the old deadbolt, and it fits in.

Unfortunately, I have one problem: the 1 1/4" diameter hole for the exterior lock is about 1/4" of an inch too high, and doesn't line up appropiately with the deadbolt on the other side. I think I may need to fill the hole and saw another one slightly lower. Would there be any issues with filling the hole with spackle and then putting in another one lower, using a hole saw?

Thanks in advance.
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Welcome to the forums.

I'd try to glue a piece of wood in there instead.
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I agree! fill with wood, then redrill it, save the spackling for dressing up where the new wood meets the old.
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A standard deadbolt cross bore hole is 2 1/8" in the USA for deadbolt locks.

An 1 1/4" hole usually indicates the lock is a rimlock, like a nightlatch or similar.

If you are mounting a cylindrical deadbolt, you can easily expand the hole size by clamping a piece of wood to the inside and outside of the existing hole and then re-drill with a 2 1/8" hole saw and most likely the cross bore hole will be lower on the door then.

You may require a larger rose or a wrap around to mask any gaps.
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You should use something like water putty to fill in that hole. Then you can redrill it.
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If you are only off 1/4" you can use a hole saw to "drift" the hole until it lines up then obtain a larger diameter collar for the cylinder so it covers up the elongated hole. Your local smithy will have a selection of these so-called "goof rings". If you have a 1-1/4" hole for the key cylinder, it's either a "rim" cylinder or a "mortise" cylinder and larger than standard collars are available for both.

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