Doorknob spinning, won't open, no screws


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Doorknob spinning, won't open, no screws

Hi. My bathroom door is stuck shut and I really need to get in. The knob is from 1978 and keeps spinning and won't turn the mechanism inside. There are no screws, holes, slots or buttons anywhere aside from the central hole in the middle of the knob (used to pick it) and a little hole on the underside of the knob. I've tried pushing a paper clip in both of these and nothing had happened. I've tried a credit card but the door jamb come out too far. When I figure out how to post a photo, I'll add one. Thanks.
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There is a spring loaded bar that holds the knob on. Push the bar in with a HD paper clip or small screwdriver. The knob should pull straight off.

Then using the same small screwdriver and pry the plate off the lock at the slot in the bottom.
There will be two screws behind that plate that can be removed and handle system will fall in.

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If the knob turns around the spindle, it would easily come off...more likely the the knob & spindle are turning together, so even if you had the knob off, it would not help. Assume wood jamb & inswing door? Most interior door stops are fastened with brads, so you may be able to use a wide wood chisel or similar to pry the stop away from the frame 1/8" or so, so as to be able to slip a knife in to push the latch back.

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