How to chisel door strike seat?


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How to chisel door strike seat?

Or more like, is there an alternative to chiseling?

I installed a new lock and the new strike is slightly larger than the seat (is that the right word? The shallow, 1/8" or so deep outline the strike sits in) so it protrudes from the door. Is there a simple way to increase the footprint of that outline? Dremel appears to have a router bit, would that do the job? Thanks.
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A sharp chisel Should do it. With a good sharp one might not even need a hammer.
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The word you are looking for is "mortise".

Screw your strike plate on temporarily. Take a utility knife with a brand new blade and carefully score the outside perimeter of the strike plate with the knife blade. Do this several times until the knife blade seems to be going in a little over 1/16" deep. Be careful around the corners. Then remove the strike plate and use the chisel to carefully remove just a 1/16" of wood, stopping at the line that you scored.
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There kits with a jig and fixture and included router bit that fits in one's drill to make that mortise. But as the others said, a chisel will do that job and many more around the house.
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Locksmiths use a 1" wood chisel for this purpose, but as mentioned by xsleeper,
a utility knife will result in a more precise mortise, it just takes a little more patience.

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