Lever on handle set not springing back to center.


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Lever on handle set not springing back to center.

I have a polished brass handleset on my deck door. Yesterday the levers stopped snapping back to the closed position. I want to know if this can be fixed, or do I have to replace both locks outright? I saw some locks like it online for aprox $350.00 with specialized emergency egress features. I don;t need that. I need the same kind of handleset with possibly lacquer on it for the outside.Name:  door.jpg
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Almost anything can be fixed. The question is how much time, effort and money are you willing to apply? Generally the knob and lock are sold as a set so I don't know how much you'll have just trying to replace one. I would start by removing the lock set and look for the cause of problem. Also search the web for your lock and see if individual parts are even available.
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Does the lever not snap back with door open?
If it snaps back with door open, then the strike plate needs adjustment.
If it does not snap back with door open, then it's the spring and probably isn't worth fixing.
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It doesnt look like a Baldwin product, more an Emtek or something cheaper. Baldwin guarantee their products for 25 years.

The sag you speak of is very common with cheaper quality products. Many times the coil spring under the lever has broken. Can they be replaced? yes...but it depends on the brand.

I suggest that a stronger backset latch mechanism, might help to keep the handle from sagging too much, but this is not a perfect solution.

Lever handles seem like the obvious answer to ease of use, especially for the arthritically challenged....but the issue of the position of the handle on the door is wrong, in my opinion.
For some unknown reason. In North America, the handle height is always 36" from the floor and this is too low (maybe whoever wrote the code was really short). The average height of a human in this world is about 6' tall. The correct height for a handle (in most places outside North America) is elbow height on a 6' tall person. This puts the knob approximately where the deadbolt usually is located. By having the handle higher, people are less likely to push down on the knob/lever as hard, thereby decreasing the failure of springs, the pulling of a door off it's hinges, and the misalignment of the latch to strike plate.
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Check the brand name of the lock or door...the one photo you provide suggests that you may not find a brand name on the lock itself, which usually means that it is "OEM'd" for the door manufacturer, meaning that if replacement parts are available they will be through the door manufacturer only, not the lock manufacturer.

If this condition happened suddenly, it is either the lever spring that has broken, or slipped out of position. Most likely, the former.

In rare cases, failure of the latch spring is sufficient to cause the lever to not return to it's normal position. By manually lifting the lever(s) then checking the latch for normal operation, you can determine if this is the case, and replacement latches are the most common replaceable parts available.

Incidentally, the levers are on upside down, tho I don't think that has anything to do with the failure, and has no bearing on the operation of the lock. Most folks prefer the "tip-down" position as being more aesthetically/ergonomically preferable.

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