can not remove interior door lever


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can not remove interior door lever

I have at least 2 generations of Schlage interior privacy lever sets, one installed in 2007 and one in 2003. I can easily depress the detent (?) in the 2007 handles (with circular holes), but the 2003 detents (rectangular holes) don't depress when I insert tool / paper clip / screwdriver. I've tried turning handle and pressing; there seems to be no play at all when I jiggle the handle and press at the same time.

I hope I've attached a picture showing the rectangular hole I am manipulating.

What is the trick to removing these door levers?
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I think you are on the right track. Use the tool or a good, fine tipped flat blade screw driver to depress the latch in the little slot. Try pushing the knob to the door to make sure it's not binding the latch and also try even more wiggling and pulling to get it free. It's a tight fit and dirt or corrosion may have stuck the two together.
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I don't know what year Schlage changed the retaining method for the "F" series, but the earlier models, as shown in your photos, don't have retainers for the levers. On the passage & privacy models, you simply unscrew the screws in the rose, and the lever & rose comes off as a singe unit. (They are stamped together).

If you have an entry function, the screws are concealed under a removable decorative rose, which can be pried loose and slipped off over the lever.
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Many thanks, rstripe. After knocking the paint weld loose with a rubber mallet, the lever/rose came off as a single unit, just as you predicted. PilotDane, thanks also for your reply.

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