can't open storage door, stuck on the other side


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Unhappy can't open storage door, stuck on the other side


I have a small storage and I can't open the door of my storage because I think my suitcase is stuck just below the handle of the door so if I try to open it, well, it's stuck. I've tried unscrewing the handle but it doesn't even work, the handle is still there and not falling off if that makes any sense.

Anybody have any ideas how I can fix this problem?

Your help is much appreciated!
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Do you have access to the screws on the hinges? Can you post some pics of the door?
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I dont really think so, but here are some pics of the door hinge from my other door which are the same as my storage door, just to give you an idea:
Name:  door hinge.jpg
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Size:  23.4 KB Name:  door hinge 2.jpg
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and here are some pics of the handle itself:
Name:  door handle.jpg
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Size:  33.9 KB Name:  door handle 2.jpg
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as you can see i've unscrewed the left and right screws, but when i try to pull the handle it just doesn't come off, there's just a little bit of movement. i don't understand what the gold circles are on top and at the bottom...
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Pop the hinge pins and lift the door out of the opening.
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Step back and repost. Can't tell anything from your closeups. Need to see whole door.
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Use a knife with a thin blade and sharp point to stick between the edge of the door and strike plate to push the latch to the unlatched position. Will require several attempts.
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use an air wedge or similar to pry between the door and the frame. pump open as far as you can and slip the latch.

Unless of course if it is a mortise lock (as opposed to a lever entry set).
Is it possible that this is a split spindle lock? Where the handles turn independently of each other.
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Looks to be a metal framed door, doubt that trying to jimmy the jamb will do much. Can you turn the knob at all? Will it move if you lift it as opposed to lower it? If a commercial lock, they are designed to be installed from the inside to prevent someone from removing the handle. Is there a lock on this door? Or is it just a closet (storage)?
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The "gold" things are probably the spools that the inside screws are screwed into, (sex bolted) ie., 2 screws from one side & 2 screws from the other, all 4 screws needing to be removed in order to remove lock.

Have you removed the set screw in the spindle? Pulling the outer lever off may allow you to push the inner lever into the storage room, then you can use a flat screwdriver to turn the hub & open the door.

Otherwise, the knife trick, as already suggested...
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Actually, metal frame doors will give a little to allow you to get a knife or paint scraper in to slip the latch. The airwedge will make this much easier and hold pressure to allow you to operate the knife/scraper.

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