Re-threading a mortise swivel spindle


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Re-threading a mortise swivel spindle

I've got an old mortise lock on an external door:

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It's got a swivel spindle that screws together:

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There are buttons to allow the external knob to be locked but allow the internal knob to still be used. The spindle is partially threaded together inside the lock, allowing the knobs to be turned separately. This much I've been able to figure out on my own.

What I can't seem to grasp is how the two spindle halves get threaded inside the lock. Each half controls the latch and is limited in how far it can turn. There is a barrier in the middle of the shaft hole that prevents me from just sliding the whole thing through properly threaded. Ideally one knobs would be able to get "put in neutral" allowing its spindle to turn freely, but that doesn't seem to be the case. The best I can do for now is turn the knobs as far to the left as I can, push them together, then let go so they both do a small turn to the right and partially thread. Unfortunately that doesn't last very long.

If you look at the locking mechanism you'll see an extra screw located just below the deadbolt. Is that related to this? It can tighten or loosen but can't come out all the way, so I have no idea what it's affecting inside the lock.
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Ah ha

Okay, finally figured it out. Turns out there were two sleeves inside the spindle hole. I was able to pull them out, slide them onto the spindles, thread the spindles, and slide the whole thing back into the hole.

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