what is the name of the kind of lock that you cannot lock yourself out of?

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what is the name of the kind of lock that you cannot lock yourself out of?

a friend has a situation at work where for some reason everyone constantly closes the bathroom door and it locks and she has to open it many times a day with the key

I was recently in a restaurant in which I would have to turn a deadbolt to lock the door and when you turned the handle to get out , the deadbolt opened and it was impossible to accidentally lock once you left the room. ive been searching online and I cannot find this type of lock. what is it called

alternatively. is there a kind of single knob lock that will operate like this. so when someone comes out of the bathroom its impossible for them to get locked out and have to use the key.
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GOOGLE "Access-controlled egress doors".
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Replace the knob with a non-locking passage set and install a slide bolt on the inside so the door can be locked when in use but there is no way to get out and leave it locked....

As an alternative, locksets that have a pushbutton (as opposed to a turn button) in the center of the knob to lock it from the inside automatically unlock when you turn the knob. These are usually called privacy locksets.
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Carbide is correct, The "Privacy" lock, as defined by ANSI code F67 will, if accidentally locked with door open, unlock when the door is closed. However, not all Privacy locks conform to the code, so you just have to test them yourself.

Some entry function locks (key locks) also will unlock upon closing.

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