Locked myself in.


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Locked myself in.

Hate to admit it, but while messing with the door knob and dead bolt on my storm door, I have locked the knob by pushing a button on the side of the mechanism. Now, withe door shut, the knob will not turn and I have no idea how to unlock it. Help, please.
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Pretty hard to advise without knowing what you have there. Can you post a picture for us ?

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Storm door latches have a tiny lever or button that slides up and down to lock the storm door latch. Could that be it?
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By "side of the mechanism" I assume you mean the door's edge, so that once shut, it is not accessable? And you don't have the key to go around on the outside to unlock? There should be 2 pushbuttons, one just above the other, called "stopworks" and pushing in one or the other locks or unlocks the OUTSIDE knob only. If both knobs are locked, it's either broken or out of adjustment, hopefully the latter. Check the amount of in-out play on the knobs. There should be less than 1/8". If considerably more, pull the inside knob toward you as much as possible then try turning. Once open, adjust the knob play.

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