how do i keep this door closed?


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how do i keep this door closed?

at a friends house is the pic below. the door wont stay shut because I guess someone put the plate too deep into the frame or cut the other hole too far from the end. quickest thing I can think of is washers behind it. I don't want to really fill in with wood and cut it out again
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I don't think it's because the plate is too deep. Looking at the mark on the plate, it's not in alignment, with the tongue. Close the door & lift it with the door knob. I bet that it snaps into place.
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ill pass that along to them. if that solves is there a better solution
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Simple way to check how the latch lines up with the hole is to close the door enough to just touch the latch plate and make a pencil mark top and bottom using the latch as a guide. Transfer the line around the corner.
Check the hinge screws to see if there loose or stripped out.
Take the top one's out one at a time to see if one of them is about 2-1/2" long, If not remove one and replace it with a longer screw so it can hit the jack stud. Sometimes that's enough to pull the door over.
If not I'd use my Dremel Tool with a stone to enlarge the hole at the bottom in the plate.
You do not want to try and relocate the plate.
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What does the problem hinge on?

Wow! I haven't seen a round strike in probably 40 years or more. Pulpo and joecaption have you headed in the right direction, but I have something to add.

Check the hinges for a gap where knuckles 1-2 and 3-4 meet (assuming 5-knuckle hinges). On 3-knuckle hinges look where knuckles 1-2 meet. If there are gaps, the hinges are shot. Open the hinge 180, measure the height and width and pickup new ones. I'd also guess only a pair as opposed to the 1 pair we see today.

Unlikely to have the next without the previous, but do the knuckles line up? Another test is to open the door 45, grab the door and lift up while watching the knuckle alignment.
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I'll give it a double-Wow, I've NEVER seen a round strike plate in these parts. 'course "these parts" have not been around as long as OP's parts....Ditto the previous advice; close door, lift up see if it latches, if so, check integrity of top hinge. If you can see that the problem is due to excessive gap between door and frame, ie., the latch won't extend far enough to lock into the strike plate, you can get a commercial strike plate (4-7/8" long) from a Big Box and surface-mount it over the existing one.
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I have seen many of these round strike plates over the years. This Old Man is onto it but. I suggest replacing the screws in the top hinge with longer screws to attach the door to the stud withing the frame. that will most likely pull the whole door back into plumb and allow the latch to line up better.

If you dont want to do that, file the bottom of the latch hole so that the latch seats correctly in the strike plate.
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