Schlage Door Knob locks me out , now it is always unlocked


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Schlage Door Knob locks me out , now it is always unlocked

Schlage Door Knob locks me out
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Schlage Door Knob locks me out
I have a schlage door lock from my house to my garage, when the door is locked and I turn the handle to take the trash out the door opens but remains locked, I find myself locked out of the house often.

Is there a way to set these locks so that when the knob is turned to open from the inside that it will "unlock" and stay unlocked?



This is my response to a earlier thread by Jim................................

Dear Jim
That was the design and really the door was unlocked at all times from the inside, but always locked from the outside, UNLESS you turn the lock button vertical which unlocks the outside for entry. This door never locked the inside going out which was very convenient. No buttons to lock if leaving.

The lock was designed to be vertical for both sides unlocked or horzitonal for door locked from the outside . The inside is never restricted or locked to exit. This allows easy and safe exit but not entry. This is a great lock for doors to the outside world as in your front door. You can open the door to see who is outside, but if you want to keep that person out all you do is shut the door. The person on the outside can not get in as its always locked when the turn lock button is horizontal.

But for Jim who locked himself out going from the kitchen to the garage, this would be the logical setup to turn the lock button vertical during the day while working in the garage. It unlocks entry. At night you turn it horizontal to lock entry from the outside, in the example the garage.

This was the method for the Schlage F series locks until recently. Customer service said people were locking themselves out. That is what the button on the old style allowed, turn it vertical to unlock in all direction, then when security is required, turn the lock button horizontal which locks entry but allows safe exiting without the need to touch the turn button.

But the forums allowed a small group of people that locked themselves out because they forgot to set the lock to be unlocked for entry. This is not the fault of the lock but the user. Simple logical common sense solution.....

1st - I carry my keys with me at all times.
2nd - The lock from my kitchen to the garage is always unlocked, Vertical lock button position. The exception would be at night or if I leave the garage door open, which due to our world we live in is "NOT A GOOD IDEA ANYMORE".
3rd - Hide a key outside or in the garage for EMERGENCY reasons. Solves being locked out, and yes I have been locked out. I have a key lock box outside for the front door and my garage door is opened with a key pad entry. Covers lost power (Garage door) or lost key, locked out, or emergency access by family for older people like me.

Or you can get a KwikSet lock that is locked in both direction when in the vertical position and unlocked in both direction in the horizontal position. This is in reverse to Schlage lock & unlock positions. This requires constant locking and unlocking with the turn lock button.

Actually the old Schlage locking method was the ultimate locking if you use logic, outside always locked, exiting without touching the turn lock button, and if you desire turn lock button vertically for continuous unlocked entry.
But Schlage decide because of a internet forum thread that people got locked out, so they changed it a new method, works just like the bedroom or bathroom lock, turn the knob and it unlocks but requires the button to be pushed in to relock. It works on bedrooms or bathrooms as when you leave your generally out of that room and when you go back to the bathroom or bedroom and you want privacy, then you push the lock button.

The new method leave many older version users to think the door is going to stay locked when we open the door from the inside, but the turn lock button now turn to open position, leaving free access thru the door from the outside which now requires additional steps every time you open the door from the inside to relock the door. If you use the secure method of entry, always locked, you lost your security and requires older Schlage lock owners to readjust to a new revised locking method, which requires always relocking, if you live with your front door locked to the outside world as i do.

Solution carry your keys and hide one outside. My house was always secure and I never forget to lock the doors. I bet with the new method many doors are not locked when leaving, unless you remember the extra step and relock the door by button or key.

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Never hide your key outside your house! Hide it outside your neighbor's house. If it's discovered, they'll try it at the house where it was found and not where it will let them in!
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Too long a post to read, can you summarize what your actual question is?
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I actually read this post
Some door knobs are "locked" and the outside knob can't be turned. However the inside knob will turn even in the locked position, this is to save you the trouble of unlocking the door to exit.
Seems pretty simple, learn what position the inside lock button needs to be in for the outside knob to be unlocked and turn freely.
There's only two choices, vertical or horizontal.

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