Missing a Kwikset screw


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Missing a Kwikset screw

I lost a long screw of this double cylinder deadbolt lock.

The original screw is 10-32 thread and 3-1/4" long. So I got two 3" screws from the hardware store but the heads are too big and doesn't recessed into the lock like the original ones do.

Are these specialty screws that only the manufacturer (Kwikset) has?
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Are these specialty screws that only the manufacturer (Kwikset) has?
More than likely... yes. Have you tried a local locksmith ?
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Locksmith for sure and even the box stores will have a miscellaneous box that might have one. Go to the box store you frequent most or where you purchased the lock. The one near me can even re-key locks.

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A few places on the web sell replacement one-way security screws that might fit:

Kwikset 665 Double Cylinder Deadbolt One-Way Screws / 86073

Other option might be to just reduce the head on a bench grinder so it fits into the recess.....
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Ye olde hand file works too....
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You can purchase Philip head machine screws to length at a hardware or box store. Generally they are 10-32. Generally the fine threads are the full length unlike the screws that come with the locksets. That should not pose a problem and always good to have on hand.
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Don't be surprised if your local smithy doesn't have any...he may have installed hundreds of deadbolts over the years, but none come with extra tie screws, so none are accumulated. Just grind or file the head; you'll still be able to use a #2 phillips to install it.
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One problem with these Deadbolt Locks is that the manufacturers have not standardized the threads used on these locks. I've had the same problem finding matching screws among Schlage, Ilco, EZSet and KwickSet Locks.

As a Real Estate Broker, I frequently swap out the Dead Bolt Cylinders on the houses I sell after the Closing so that ONLY the new Owner has the keys (and me maybe); so I have to make doubly sure I have the correct screws for that lockset before I head out there.
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I wouldn't be surprised if some of the Chinese clones have gone metric in the last dozen years or so. Fortunately, (for me, anyhow) the vast majority of Builders Hardware sold in the USA still use USC measurements.

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