door bottom closer - does not fully close


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yes. these specific meroni closers are primarily designed for solid glass doors, however they also have a kit for wooden doors. The bottom corner of the door needs to be cut away to install and the pivot is on the floor. They also have offset pivots too.

They sell for about US$300.00

But are special order.
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Jess, rstripe and globalocky,
Good news! we finally got this repaired as planned.
See attached final photos:
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First I bought the larger size Pitman arm puller at Autozone. the opening of the claws were just a little to tight to fit over the lower bracket, so I used a grinder wheel to remove 1/16th" on each side of the puller arms. It then fit perfectly over the top of the closer shaft and we started cranking down on the puller stem with a ratchet drive. The door lifted up about 3/4" to reveal the closer shaft! I then used a DRemmel tool to remove material on inside of bracket hold and also some on the closer shaft. We sprayed some liquid wrench on the parts and dropped the door back down on the closer. The gap I made is just perfect and the door opens/closes freely , no rattling at all. We then put the surface closer back together and adjusted. closes perfectly by itself now!
thank you guys very much for helping me with this. Seems there is no need to repair or replace the bottom closer.
We now want to move on to our other problem a commercial aluminum frame door that does not close fully. here is the link to it:
best regards,

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