Schlage entry lockset allows lockout on leaving. Fixed with newer model.


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Schlage entry lockset allows lockout on leaving. Fixed with newer model.

In 2007 moved into a newer home and replaced an Schlage entry lockset with a lever style and soon discovered that if locked with the inside turn button I could push the lever and exit and be locked out because it remains locked. The other locksets operated the same way. I called Schlage and was told that it was for exit safety and could not be modified. I was concerned about a lockout on a below zero degree day. Recently (in January 2017) a family member exited and was locked out with no one available to unlock the door. Locksmith was called and drilled out the lock.

I then purchased an identical looking Schlage replacement (Accent F51VACC505) at Menards and after installation found that it operates differently. If locked by turning the inside button and operating the lever to exit it unlocks, therefore preventing the lockout situation. I am going to replace my other older original entry lock once I verify the new one unlocks upon exit.
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Welcome to the forums.

Is there a question here for us ?
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This should be moved to safety maybe?
The OP is stating a warning that I would state differently:

It is possible (and maybe easy), to lock yourself out of the house.

Some exterior locks will be locked from the outside, but the handle will turn freely on the inside and open the door.
This might give some people the sense that the door is unlocked.

Other locks will have both the interior and exterior knobs locked, they will not turn.

I've heard this complaint before.
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This controversy has been going on for years & years. There are pros & cons to both types but for a win-win solution replace the entry lock with a passage set (non-locking) and install a deadbolt above it. You can't lock yourself out, and when you do lock the door you'll have much better security than that of a spring latch entry lock. Even if you move into a house/apartment with a deadbolt already in place, take off the entry lock and replace with passage.
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replace the entry lock with a passage set (non-locking) and install a deadbolt above it
FWIW, this is what I have done to my home. I view the keyed entrance knob as of little value in the first place since they can be defeated with a pliers.
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I hate the type of knobs that don't turn from the inside when locked. Got to fiddle with that stupid small lock mechanism every time you want to click the garage door opener switch, see if the garage lights are on, unplug the Christmas lights, get a package from the porch, or anything else. I like the way the Schlage locks work. The ones that don't turn when locked remind me of the chintzy Kwiksets. Personal preference I guess...

I also have a deadbolt for security that I lock whenever I leave the property.
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I had the same experience with Schlage entry locksets. My contractor replaced two of my exterior doors, about a year apart. He used the identical appearing Schlage "Georgian" series locksets on each door. One lockset allows you to open the door without turning the lock button, but will lock behind you if you pull it shut. The other identical appearing lockset will not allow you to exit without first turning the lock button to the unlocked position. To make it more confusing, I purchased more of the same Georgian locksets at Menard's to retrofit my other exterior doors, so they could all be keyed the same. Lo and behold, the new locksets unlock automatically when you exit, and wont' allow you to lock yourself out. So I have three identical appearing Georgian series locksets, all operating differently. Maybe Schlage FINALLY got it figured out???

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