Door Latch getting stuck in


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Door Latch getting stuck in


I am having an issue with my bathroom door knob where the latch will get stuck/locked in when you turn the knob all the way. I checked and it is not getting stuck behind the plate, it still protrudes very slightly out of the plate. When I press on the latch it will make a loud unlocking sound and come out normally.

Any ideas would be helpful

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Welcome to the forums! Loosen up on one of the screws holding it all together. Sometimes they get in a bind and loosening one or both of the screws, operating it a little, then tightening the screws snugly, but not over tight will help.
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Also use a bit of WD40 or Silicone spray. My front door lock begins to bind about once a year. A shot of lock lubricant and I'm good for another year.
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Larry is on the money here although I suggest that perhaps the knobs are binding beciase they may not be straight. Certainly loosen the connecting screws until it operates, then tighten to desire.

As a professional, I can not ever recommend WD40 as a lube, no matter what anyone says otherwise.
WD40 stads for Water Displacement and the 40th formula that achieved such. It was designed to dry out wet metal.

Yes it will temporarily lubricate but as it dries up, it attracts dirt and causes more problems.

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