Replacing Sargent Nightlatch


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Replacing Sargent Nightlatch

I have a older Sargent rim cylinder night latch lock that has broken and would like to replace it with something similar. I'm not sure how old it is, but I saw the same model on ebay several years ago and it was a Sargent #4277. I have tried to find a newer night latch that will take the place of the Sargent but it will require more holes in the antique door, which I would like to avoid.

I have taken the latch mechanism apart and there is a small piece that receives the connecting bar from the cylinder that is broken and if I could find a replacement part I could salvage the original. I have looked on ebay with no luck. Does anyone carry vintage Sargent lock parts?

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In the 1960s I started training as a locksmith with a company that was 80 years old then. They had an extensive, dust laden "library" upstairs where I spent many non-working hours. Granted, my memory isn't what it once was, but I saw almost nothing on Sargent rim locks and encountered very few of them in the field. (Hardware appears to depend on the market but I saw seemingingly everything else including a lot of old Sargent.)

Even 50 years ago, Yale was the only "big name" manufacturer making rim locks (exit devices excepted). Based on experience, I would say your chances of finding parts are virtually non-existant. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
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Send a pic

Upload a pic of the back case of the lock.
May be able to find a replacement part (or make one)
Shipping will be more expensive than the part I presume.
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I may have seen the same picture on ebay you saw, and it is the typical night latch that was so popular in days of old...most US companies have stopped making them, but the aftermarket has them under various names, mostly cheap clones made in China, and this is what you'll find at home improvement centers.
Higher quality rim night latches are made in Europe, but the cylinder backsets may be different.

The aftermarket night latches for the US market should conform to the 2-3/8" cylinder backset and 1-1/4" diameter cylinder hole. The fastening screw pattern may vary, but that's no biggie. The overall lock body size and shapes are all very similar.

Yale and Segal may be the only remaining US name brands making these locks that are moderately priced. High-end companies such as Medeco may also have these, but they will generally be priced very high, being targeted to the commercial markets, plus likely being 2-3/4" backset.

If you live in a large metro area, you could also visit one of the older "downtown" locksmiths, as they will have experience dealing with these locks.
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Spoke too soon...Don't see it on Segal's website. ILCO still makes them altho the quality may be on par with the other imported clones.

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