Strike box for standard latch?


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Strike box for standard latch?

I know there are strike boxes for deadbolts, but do they also exist for the latch of the regular entry door knob? I'm just getting into beefing up my entry doors, so maybe I'm just not looking in the right place. If they don't, I guess the normal thing to do is to put extra long screws through the standard strike plate?
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I always use 2 1/2" or 3" long screws for strike plates to get through to the framing. I also sometimes fabricate my own strike plates out of a strip of steel. I make them about 18-24" high so I can spread the load over a larger area and the longer size allows more mounting screws. And in really bad cases I make the strike plate out of angle material so I can really reinforce the strike area.
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many of the strike boxes today are plastic and offer little security value. If door frame protection is desired, there are multiple products available. One I use often is called Strikemaster II Pro. Inexpensive and great protection. I also use them to repair broken (kicked in) door frames, instead of replacing an entire door and frame. I'm in and out in about an hour and the customer will pay about $200 total.
Far cheaper than the average $1200 - $1500 to supply and install a new door and frame.
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Unless your strike plate is loose, or otherwise incapable of holding your door tightly shut, beefing up the strike plate for a typical residential entry lock will gain you very little security...a crowbar can easily spread the door from the frame to clear a 1/2" spring latch. A Grade 1 commercial lock is an improvement, but not much. Your efforts should be to enhance the deadbolt's ability to resist pry bar and kick-in attempts. The product mentioned by GlobalLocky is one of the best solutions, although you can make a huge improvement by simply installing a commercial (4-7/8") strike plate with 3 or 4" screws. A company called Don-Jo also has a selection of security strike plates in various finishes.
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