Disable privacy door lock?


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Disable privacy door lock?

I have a privacy door with one of those built in switch locks that you turn right to lock, left to undo.
I actually have it on an outside door but want to disable the switch as there's no key on the other side and anyone could accidentally lock themselves out.
Is there a way to disable it in the open position? I have a deadlock above that does the actual locking/security.
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Replace it with a bedroom door knob. Here is one 3rd in.

May be wrong I seem to remember some have a rod in center that will come out. been a few years since I took a knob off.
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I was trying not to replace it
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They usually come with a tine flat screw-driver type tool which can be inserted through a tiny hole in the outside knob to unlock them.

I have one such tool here; unfortunately, I store it inside the Medicine Cabinet of the same Bath, so if someone ever got locked in, they'd have the Key in there with them.

You could use a small (very small) flat screw-driver to un-lock it; but I've never had that problem since installing that Bath 25 years ago.

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