Whitco Security Door lock is broken HELP!!


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Question Whitco Security Door lock is broken HELP!!

Our security door lock has broken in the locked position. The cylinder lock is out and ready to be replaced but the door is still locked and can not be opened to continue fixing.

What can I do with out breaking the door?
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Whitco makes a large variety of locks. Can you post some pictures? Without knowing what you have it's hard to offer help.
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Maybe GlobalLocky will see this post...he's knowledgeable about Australian locks.
Whitco makes all kinds of locks, but on a "security door" it's most likely a Euro style profile cylinder mortise lock. Usually the door has to be open to remove the cylinder, so without more info/photos, can't offer much advice. The bolt can be operated with the cylinder removed by simply inserting a tool to mimic the cam action on the cylinder. Said tool can be homemade by bending about 1/2" end of a nail to 90 degrees, and clamping it to a vicegrips. That may or may not work, depending on what actually broke in the lock.
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Thank you both for your thoughts. We can't post a picture as the cylinder lock has been removed but the bolt is inside the steel piece of the lock and still locked. The bolt is like a bent or crooked finger which links over the frame of the door. We did have 2 x cam tools and did exactly what rstripe suggested and broke both of them eventually.

My husband has spent all weekend and a couple of late nights trying to get it working but it has defeated him and done his head in so he has rung the locksmith. Hopefully he will be successful.
We actually have 2 big doors on one side of the house and they are both broken the very same. One happened months ago and he never got around to it. I will say though that they are 25 + years old and this is the first time we have trouble. They still look like new.

Thanks again for your help.
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It sounds like you have what we call "hook-bolts" which can easily bind when the door and frame shift or warp after a number of years....also, with locks that old, they likely need re-lubing, and a check for bolt alignment.
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The Whitco Tasman Mark II must be locked to withdraw the Euro style cylinder. Do so with the door open, because you need to remove the retainer screw. You can only install a new cylinder in the locked position. How did you get the cylinder out without opening the door?

If you want to unlock the lock, when door is open, simply push the die cast locking bar (inside the body - you can see it) down. It will most likely be toward the rear of the lock body.

The Doric brand security door lock, looks very similar to the Whitco and can have a hook shaped latch that essentially doesnt act like a typical hook.

The Austral brand security door lock is another copy of the Tasman and operates similarly.

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