how do you move a strikeplate down?


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how do you move a strikeplate down?

on a french door patio of a friends house, the previous owner apparently had a shoddy job. the door open and closes without the bolt going in the strikeplate. you need to move the strikeplate down about 1/4 inch.

its just what i would call a plain surface mounted plate, doesnt go far into the wall or anything. what do you do? somehow fill in the hole and chisel out a new one. or do you just chisel down 1/4 inch ? but you cannot do that because the plate will not cover the sins then

or can you chisel more out and maybe get a larger plate. i sadly didnt take a pic. but basically the hole in the frame needs to be moved down about 1/4 inch.
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Usually if that is the case, the door is out of level and should be corrected. You would have to check it with a level to be sure, but usually it means the hinge side of the door sill is lower than the latch side, and/or that the top of the hinge side is leaning toward the latch side. It's usually better to correct the door than to move the strike plate. Moving the strike plate is just fixing a symptom of a bigger problem. And like you say... it leaves a permanent scar where you moved the plate. It's better to leave the plate where it is and fix the door.

If someone wants a quick fix, you can cut the hole in the strike plate larger with a jig saw, metal blade, and file. Adding a long screw to the hinge (to replace a short screw) will sometimes get about half of it... as that raises the door slightly.
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As XSleeper said, Look for the reason the door has dropped....check the tightness of the top hinge screws, if they strip easily, replace with 2 or 3 inch screws, long enough to grab into the wall stud (assuming typical stick-built home) behind the door frame, as that will tend to raise the door. If you still need to lower the plate, and want it to look nice, get a commercial strike plate (4-7/8" long). Most locksmiths will simply give you one, as they tend to accumulate in their shops.

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