Interior doorknob won't stay in


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Interior doorknob won't stay in

How do i keep a doorknob from falling out? The old antique knob fell out constantly despite repeated screw tightening. So we purchased a new knob and mechanism and it worked for a few weeks but now it won't stay in either. This door is an interior wood door, it doesn't need to lock but we want to be able to keep it shut.
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If the threads are coming loose, put some blue Loctite on the threads before you reassemble it again.
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I agree. Try some Loctite on the threads. But perhaps the handle requires to be held onto the spindle with new "grub" screws?
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We can not see what your seeing without a picture.
If it's the old style with a square shaft and the knobs screw onto the shaft What I've done is tighten the screw so it marks the shaft on both sides, remove the knobs and the shaft and drill a shallow hole slightly bigger than the OD of the screw into the shaft.
Next I set the screw on an allen wrench (if it's an allen head set screw) and grind a point on the tip with my pedestal grinder.
Then and only then would I be using the Loc Tite.
Any of the Rep Pod lock sets I've tried to use had horrible loose fitting threads, I most l often ended drilling them out and rethreading with a larger fine thread and buying a new set screw.
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II would think they are perhaps meaning that the knob doesnt stay screwed onto the spindle. many spindles are diecast aluminum and the threads wear out very quickly. Combine with shallow tapped spindle hole on knob and the handles just slip off

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