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Exterior Camera

Hi! So, this may sound kind of odd, or maybe not, but I won't know until I ask. Our current kitchen window looks out onto what used to be a back deck, which has since been enclosed and turned into another room of the house. We are redoing that room shortly, and will cover that window up. I would like to mount a tv in the current window opening and have a camera outside, that will stream to the tv, to provide "a window" for while we're at the sink washing dishes. I'm not looking for night vision, thinking that would be kind of weird, lol. I would like color. OK with wired. Not much "traffic" outside, so doesn't have to be a super speedy camera, just don't want to stare at a wall while doing dishes. Any suggestions? Really no idea where to start... Thanks!
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Almost any outdoor camera will do what you want. I would consider getting an inexpensive surveillance DVR kit. Warehouse stores like Costco and Sams have them all the time as do Walmart and online sellers. This would have everything you need except the TV and would provide security camera for elsewhere in the house. The DVR would allow you to select which camera you want displayed on the window TV.
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vid outside

I have trail cameras that work great in the day time. Night time the clear picture distance drops by at least 50%. Down to 30 feet.
Cameras have lines of resolution. More is better/clearer. I would not consider anything under 720 lines of resolution. The difference in price is not all that much, and if you were to need to ID someone or thing it would be handy to be able to. There are 4K systems out there
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The WyzeCam is a full-blown, remotely controllable 1080P IP camera with infrared night vision and WiFi connectivity. Wyze sells it direct for $20, which is as cheap as anywhere I can find, including eBay.

The thing is, the firmware that comes on the device only accesses a small portion of the hardware's capabilities. They sell it expecting you to use their cloud service so the factory firmware isn't capable of streaming video to your network, only of passing through your network and streaming it to their cloud.

However, like most consumer computing devices these days, the Wyze Cam runs on Linux, and Linux is open-source, so anyone can tweak it or modify it any way they see fit. An organization that calls itself Open IP Cam makes its own firmware that accesses the fuller capabilities of the Wyze Cam, and gives the firmware away free. Among other capabilities you gain by switching to the OpenIPCam firmware is streaming to the local network. Then you can use the VLC video player on your PC to receive the streaming video from the Wyze Cam and play live streaming video on your monitor.

There's a step-by-step DIY here showing how to flash the Wyze Cam with the OpenIPCam firmware.

Two caveats. #1, Wyze repeatedly warns the camera isn't weatherproof, so if you intend using it outside you're left to your own devices to overcome that limitation (but I don't think it would be particularly difficult). And #2, the camera is powered by a USB cable running from an a/c plug. So depending on your outlet situation, you might be faced with also having to buy a longer USB cable.

The camera itself is actually made by Xiaomi and they sell their own version as the "Fang" but I can't find the Fang sold as cheap anywhere as the Wyze Cam.

Don't be intimidated by the terminology 'firmware' and 'flash.' Firmware is just the name for an operating system that runs directly on the hardware, not from a hard drive or other storage device that's attached to the device. And where operating systems get "installed," firmware gets "flashed." If anything flashing is easier than installing because there's no questions to answer and nothing to configure. You just transfer the binary file to the target device and you're done.
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If the camera is directly outside from the monitor..... don't even bother streaming. Purchase an inexpensive camera with a small plug in power supply and connect it directly to the TV thru the A/V input jack.

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