Yale door closer pinion leak repair?

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Yale door closer pinion leak repair?

I have a small collection of door closers and this Yale one I have got a pinion leak and I was wondering if you guys knew of any way I could fix it myself or how much itíd cost to get it fixed by someone.

Since Iím posting from my phone the picture thing isnít working properly so I have to put the links here
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It's been years since I fooled with closers, but I'd say you have a 54 Yale. Without a jig to safely disassemble and reassemble, there's not much you can do, other than take/ship it to a rebuilder.
You might explain that it's part of collection and they might just replace the pinion packing, saving you a little money.

Good Luck!
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The casting looks like the common Norton 1600 which everybody and their uncle has copied over the years, meaning they're very common, and it has no antique value. They're all mostly made in China now, fairly inexpensive and, as ThisOldMan said, not worth the mess and hazard of disassembly. AFAIK, replacement bushings/O rings would be hard to find now anyway, since the cheap clones have been out for so many years. And of the few remaining companies that rebuild closers in the US, they mainly deal with high-dollar floor checks and occasionally old "Pot" closers, that do have antique value. The common closer like yours would cost more in labor to fix than to just replace it.
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Lithium_lunch, I rebuild door closers out of NC, as the others said often times it is cheaper to replace rather then repair, but if you prefer yours be worked on and returned I will be more then happy to do it for you, repair services are often requested on closers that would "break the bank" if bought new such as Jackson or Kawneer overhead concealed, LCN, Rixson as well as many of th potbelly closers seen from the 50's era.

The closer collection, what others do you have? I ask because I have an ever growing collection of closers since getting into them since I was 12 years old, there are also the many people on youtube (few were children at the time) finding and mounting them and ask questions or for my help when things go wrong with ones from their collections.

I hope to hear from you soon,


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