Door knob sticks and won't open when unlocked

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Door knob sticks and won't open when unlocked

Lately when I have unlocked the door knob, the door knob sticks and I can't open the door. It's as if I didn't unlock the door. I can jiggle the knob and eventually it will open. This seems to have just started the last couple of weeks. It doesn't do it all the time. We have been having very cold temps the last two weeks, single digits and below zero. Could this have something to do with it the door knob sticking?
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I can jiggle the knob and eventually it will open.
Cold effects everything but based on your description I think I'd be looking for something new and a bit more secure!
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It doesn't open when it's locked. The problem I'm having is when I try to unlock the door, the door knob is jammed and won't open.
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If this is an exterior door, check the strike plate and how the latch is fitting into it. The latch on an exterior door has a half moon shaped security feature. When the door is shut, that half moon shaped piece should be half depressed against the strike plate... just in front of the strike plate mortise hole- not IN the strike plate mortise hole along with the latch. When it falls inside the mortise hole along with the rest of the latch it can cause trouble when you try to open the door. And it will eventually cause wear and break. And its possible your latch is already worn and is causing this problem. A replacement latch can usually be purchased to replace it, without buying a whole new entry set.

Or the solution might be adjusting the strike plate. Or sometimes replacing the weatherstripping on the door will help by offering more resistance as the door is shut and latched.
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Similar to XSleeper's answer, the cold weather may have caused the door and frame to shift and misalign. Might need to use a prybar or similar to spread the door from the frame near the latch to see what's going on. Sometimes prying in different directions while holding torque on the knob will allow the latch to retract. I live in the Dallas-Ft Worth area and we got down to -1 F two nights in a row, and everything mechanical seemed to suffer. Our unstable soils shift with temp/moisture extremes and door/frame misalignments are common.
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Needs cleaning and lubrication. Take it out and bring it to locksmith. He'll fix it right.
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If you lock the door by pushing the inside knob and turning it clockwise, the inside knob assembly is worn and should be replaced. Be sure to lubricate it at the beginning of every cold season.

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