Andersen Sliding Door Latch

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Andersen Sliding Door Latch

I need help with this Andersen set up. The hook latch won't engage the plate catch on the jamb side, though the up/down position seems fine. Now I see there's adjustment screw to get the catch to move in or out to reach the hook, but the screw doesn't seem to move the position much.

Also the turn knob is loose and jiggly and even though it seems to move the hook fine, I'd like to replace it. (FYI there's 2 and 9/16" between screws on the turn knob plate.)

I'm at a loss to know which specific parts I need to replace and where to find them, or how to fix the existing set up. Thanks!

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First, check to see if the door is plumb with the frame. Open the door then slide it until it is almost closed, and look at the light coming through the gap between the door and the frame. If the gap is perfectly straight, the door is plumb. If the gap is wider at the top than it is at the bottom, you need to adjust the rollers on the bottom of the door. More gap at the top would mean the right roller would need to go up a few clicks and/or the left roller could go down a few clicks. More gap at the bottom would mean the left roller would need to go up a few clicks and/or the right roller could go down a few clicks.

If you adjust the rollers, try the door latch again to see if it works better. If it still doesn't latch, look at whether the reachout hook lines up with your reciever. Make some light pencil marks on the front of the door (that you can see with the door fully closed on both the door and jamb.) The mark on the front of the door represents where the top tip of your reachout hook is (photo 2). The mark on the front of the jamb represents where the top edge of the adjustable silver keeper in your reciever is (photo 1). Then close the door and see if those 2 lines line up. If they do not, then you can loosen the top and bottom screws on the reciever and adjust it up or down as needed.

Alternatively, you could also mark and check the alignment pin... which is the part on the jamb side that sticks out, and it's matching hole is on the mortise (door side).

As for the in out adjustment, on the reciever keeper, turn that adjustment all the way out.(clockwise). once you get it to hook, you can fine tune it by seeing how much in-out play you have in the door, and turn that screw (counterclockwise) to pull the door tighter to the jamb as you lock it.

As for replacing parts, you can either contact Andersen directly (website service page) or try to order parts from another parts website such as Amazon, Swisco, Allaboutdoors, etc. The keyword to search for is Tribeca. Your color is called stone. And your parts are the thumbturn (photo 2) and the other is the reachout lock and receiver kit (photo 1, with matching parts on both door and jamb side). You have the old style (pre 1982) which is not available but the new style will work. If the reachout hook operates just fine with a screwdriver when the thumbturn is removed, you don't really need to replace anything. But if the jiggle is what bothers you, you just need to replace the Tribeca thumbturn. It's not unusual that they eventually wear out.
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From the looks of it, it appears that the door was slammed with the hook projected, because the catch is bent inwards, and you can see the marks where the hook slammed into it. I'd unscrew the strike assembly and see If I could get some pliers or something to bend the catch back out closer to a 90 degree bend. You can also see how the adjustment screw works too.
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Don't forget to loosen the mount screws a bit before you adjust the mechanism out.

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