Problem with a metal gate

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Problem with a metal gate

Hi! I have a problem that I'm sure would be easily solved by me if I weren't so completely uninformed in the area of do-it-yourself. But you guys are much more knowledgeable, so I'm turning to you. I have a metal fence and gate, and the gate has a dead bolt lock, and, with the turn of a key (from inside or outside) the bolt slides into (or out of) a hole in the post adjacent to the gate. The difficulty is that recently, when the weather got hot, the metal gate expanded in such a way as to make it impossible to slide the bolt into the hole. I see that I must slightly enlarge the hole, by removing a little bit of metal from the edges at the bottom right quarter of the hole. I don't have a file, but I do have an electric drill. However, I don't know what kind of bit to insert into the drill.

So my question is: what should I buy to insert into the drill, so I can enlarge the hole a small amount, by having the drill do the work of a file?
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Share your problem with a picture or two.... How to insert pictures.
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I think a Dremel tool with a carbide grinding bit would be better than anything in a drill. Or, you can use a file.

The pictures would be helpful so we can spot anything else going on, like why has the gate moved so the deadbolt doesn't align.
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Definitely a file or small rotary tool like a Dremel. Using a drill is not advised.
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OK, I see the 2nd paragraph wasn't included in my post. I'll try again and check my post this time.

A drill provides circular motion, but linear motion is better here. If the strike plate is installed, the hole behind the strike is larger than the hole in the strike and you have a bench vise, filing will be nuch easier if you remove the strike and clamp it in your vise.

If you use a rotary grinder, be sure to wear a face shield.
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Definitely a file or small rotary tool like a Dremel
You can get various metal grinding and cutting bits to work with the drill!

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If you don't want to go buy extra tools, but you have a drill and selection of bits, if you take a 1/8" or 3/32" bit and drill 3 or 4 holes as close to the edge as possible (where the metal needs removing) then, with a small junk screwdriver or similar, and hammer, tap out the weakened metal. You'll end up with more metal removed than necessary, but it will give you plenty of tolerance, as the gate will no doubt shift more in time. If you can beg, borrow, or steal a rat-tail file, you can then file off the burrs so as to be less likely to catch on clothing or fingers.

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