How to reinstall retaining clip for door knob cover

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How to reinstall retaining clip for door knob cover

I have a standard door knob, and the cover is held by a retaining clip. The clip somehow fell out of place. So now when I grab the door knob to open door, the knob cover comes off. I tried to put the retaining clip back in place with a pair of tweezers without any success.

Pic of retaining clip:

Pic of door knob cover:

Any suggestion?

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Is that a passage knob..... no push button or lock in knob ?
I don't recognize that clip.
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[size=20px]The clip goes in side the "tube" the knob slides onto. "Button" toward the edge of the door and projects through the hole in the "tube".[/size]

[size=20px]Not easy to do, but it is possible. Recommend 2 flat screwdrivers as opposed to tweezers. [/size]
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Ditto ThisOldMan; I use my fingers to get it started, then small screwdriver or similar to snap it into place. (There may be a reason it "fell out" on it's own...there may not have been enough tension to keep it in place. You may need to spread it out a bit more to increase the tension. If it keeps happening, it's wearing out,) The lock appears to be a Schlage "A" series, (or a clone), a normally fairly robust lock, but on a high-traffic solid-core door with tight weather-stripping, parts of the lock can wear out prematurely.

@PJ: A few decades ago, they changed from a wire spring retainer to this flat spring thingy, presumably to save a few pennies. If it was poked too hard when removing the knob, it could loose some of it's tension.
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