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I'm trying to replace my deadbolt locks, but have a problem. I can't figure out how to remove the existing deadbolt. There are no screws that hold it together, but there are two pins (or something) with a smooth head. Each is about the thickness of a pencil lead. I am not sure what to do to remove these. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Is there a manufacturer's name on the lock anywhere? Do these deadbolts have a keyhole on each side?
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Angry Dexter double cylinder deadbolt headache

I have an old (20+) Dexter double cylinder deadbolt that I'm trying to replace, i.e., a headache. No screws on the inside or outside. There are, on the inside, two small round-headed pins set in a pair of openings at 3 and 9 o'clock (relative to inside cylinder); the openings have four tangs each that look to hold in the pins. the heads of the pins are nearly inaccessible. I pried off the cover plate in the inside, which revealed nothing. The escutcheons, inside and out, rotate with some effort, but no results. The are no visible holes to accept an Allen key/wrench, nor any recesses along the edges of the escutcheon in which I could insert a flathead to pry. I have not been able to remove the small plate on the edge of the doorframe that surrounds the bolt itself (name escapes me). There does not appear to be anything between the escutcheon and the lock hardware.
Any help out there what I can do next, other than to pick up the phone, call a pro, and drop coin?


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