one way security screws


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I have a dead bolt lock, installed on the exterior of an iron gate, fastened by the kind of screw that, once screwed in, can't be unscrewed out.

In remote area where I live, there are no locksmiths, nor places to rent special tools like torches or air chisels.

I want to remove this lock, without damaging the gate.
I have hand tools and some power tools.

Suggestions please.

Larry Shane
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A few options:
If these are the type with a hump in the middle, you can file the middle out of a standard screwdriver so the hump will not force it off the screw when backing it out.

Will a visegrips be able to clamp on the head and turn it out?

Center punch the screw and drill the heads off.
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Thank you for your help. Center punching and drilling off screw head worked.
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Glad I could help. Thanks for letting us know how it turned out.
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can you explain what you mean by center-punching and drilling the screw head off?

i have some one-way screws anchoring a grating to a window, and i've tried screw extractors and drilling into the screw

i can't seem to do anything other than scratch the paint, even though i'm using a non-cordless drill with a fair amount of power.

any suggestions?
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By using a center punch, you are putting a dimple in the screw head that will help you get the drill bit started. (You hit the punch with a hammer) By using a big enough drill bit you can take the head off and when the grate or whatever is removed there is usually enough of the screw left to turn out with a vise grips, if you want to reuse the holes.
You also may have hardened screw which makes it tougher, assuming you used sharp drill bits the first time, try a cobalt bit which is used for harder metals.
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oneway security BOLT on window gate lock

I have two rusted security bolts 3/16? (no nuts - screw into iron gate) on a Yale deadbolt on an iron window gate.

Very little head [1/8th in and rusty}appears above the surface and vice grips didnt work.

The key no is not stamped on the lock

The head is designed so that two quadrants are raised, so it is easy to screw in but difficult to screw out.

What are the tools used to take these out?

Lowes had similar screws which had more above the surface but they didn't know of any tool to remove them.

Is there a tool that I can put in the lock that will give me the key shape/no?

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There is tool made for this. Here is a link you can cut and paste describing it:

Your other options are drilling the screws out.

Nothing you can insert to get the lock combo except get a locksmith to impression the lock, which often is not worth the time/trouble.
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A method I've used to remove "security" screws is cut a slot in the head of the screw with a dremel type of tool, then a slot screw driver will turn it out.


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