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how do I secure my windows, so burgulars won't be able to smash the window and get in.

A salesman told me there's a type of window that use two pieces of glass sandwiching a vinyl film. Apparently this will prevent the glass from shattering. The glass will break but the vinyl film will hold it into place.

What are your thoughts on this.

I know barring will work but:
1. it makes the windows look ugly
2. It might be difficult to escape in case of fire.
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This type of glass is used in the detention market. It is known as laminated glass and comes in different configurations and thicknesses. I have seen one of these damaged, the guy broke one pane using a chair but was unable to get through the others. As to availability for a residential window, I could not say.
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Here is a company that may be able to help you. I could not remember it when I first replied. I have had no dealings with them so I cannot give you specifics. They make a film that is applied to a window to prevent shattering. Looks like they are geared towards commercial applications where they install it but perhaps they can help. 888 306 7998
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I'll visit that site

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