Self-Installation of Deadbolt Turns Ugly


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Red face Self-Installation of Deadbolt Turns Ugly

Well... when my boyfriend bought his home, we decided to change all of the locks and knobs. We also installed a deadbolt where there was none existing. His father was over zealous with the chisel to say the least, and it would be very easy to kick in the door, although it is steel, with a wood frame, as we cannot attach the strikeplate. Is there anyway to repair this without needing to replace the entire frame (which is just as expensive a new prehung door)? My boyfriend refuses to ask for assistance, and I think his faher is in denial. Ha ha ha. Please let me know if anyone has any ideas.

Thanks in advance,

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Am I guessing correctly that they made too big a hole. Sounds like time to get some filler. Have they ever done any automobile body work. Get some Bondo. It will fill the hole up and you can retry to install the strikeplate. Before you think that I am completely wacko, the company that makes Bondo actually markets a filler product that you would find at Home Depot or Lowes as a wood filler
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Thanks so much... that was a fast reply! Incidentally, he does auto-body work, so that news is excellent to hear. And yes... he chisled out too much of the hole. I don't think he knows this stuff exists. I will let him know. Again, thanks so much! I will feel so much safer to have this installed correctly!

Thanks again!

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Another option that might work, look a little neater and be more secure is to purchase an oversized strike plate. You will usually find these marketed as security strikes as the are heavier, larger and usually will have more screw holes for attachment through the jamb into the framing. If you cannot find one at your local hardware/home center, a lockshop can order one for you.

If you do decide to go this route, figure out where the bolt will enter the jamb, line up the strike on the jamb( if you are sure you have it placed correctly you could screw it down to help hold it or trace with a sharp pencil) and take a sharp utility knife and score the wood along the outside of the strike or on your line. This will prevent the surface of the wood from splintering and serve as guide for ambitious chiselers.
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Thanks so much for your help. I am going to check the oversized strike plates and the Bondo-type stuff this evening. And thanks so much for the instructions.

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Thumbs down Read this before using bondo

Bondo will not strengthen the frame. Depending on what type of deadbolt you purchased, (Always try to get a GRADE 1) it should have a 1" throw on the bolt, and a heavy duty strike. The collar of the deadbolt should be solid preventing a crush attack and be free spinning to thwart wrenching the deadbolt off the door. The profile of the lock off the door is important as well, as the less material exposed, the better.

The strike should contain a strengthened steel plate that has 3" screws that will go through the pine frame and catch the 2X4 structural framing. This will prevent a kick in of the door. There are a number of strikes that meet this criteria and will cover a multitude of sins done to the pine frame that the door is hung on.

Some good brands to deadbolts, are Schlage, Baldwin, and Medeco. Do yourself a favor, and don't buy the $10 ones that are sold under names like defiant and kwikset. You get what you pay for.
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Thanks for the input. The replacement door knobs and locks we have purchased are Schlage. They are really great, if they are installed correctly. At the risk of sounding like a male-basher, because believe me, I am a big fan of the male species... neither one of them listened when I said... "Er... guys, I think you are taking out too much." They both told me I had no idea what I was doing... and well... they were right. But it was common sense. Ha ha ha. Anyway... yes, I intend to buy only the best for something like this... I think both of them are still in denial. I always catch grief about if the doors are locked... and all the while I think, "Well... it doesn't really matter if they are."

I would say... something like. "Men... what can you do with them... " but I won't say it because I am guessing I am outnumbered here in this forum.

Thanks so much,


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