cont get old door knob off????


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cont get old door knob off????

I want to replace the door knob on my son's bedroom. We just moved in and his room has a keyed doorknob without a way to unlock it (nothing on the inside knob). You have to use the key everytime.

I have everything taken apart and the knob just won't come off. I tried using the key in the knob while pulling and that doesn't do anything either. The screws are out - the latch mechanism is out - I can't see any reason why it doesn't just come apart.

Please help, this was suppposed to be a 10 minute 10 dollar fix.

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I figured it out!

It wasn't as compicated as I was making it. Thanks anyway.

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You must have found the spring and depressed it with a small screwdriver. Works every time.
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I have the same issue, but can't seem to locate that 'spring'. Help Please!!

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Insert the key and turn 90 deg. The catch will be accessible through a small hole on the side of the narrow part of the knob.
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depending on the brand of knob...(what is written on the key - this will help) if you pull the inside knob off by depressing the side retainer will be able to pry off the rosette which often covers the retaining screws.

If it is a schlage might have to turn the inside mechanism enable the lock to come off the door.

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