Help Repairing Door Knob


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Help Repairing Door Knob

I have a door knob that, when turned to open the door, simply keeps turning and the door will not open. The hinge does not turn or move at all as well. Any hints or ideas on trying to fix this, or what the problem might be? Thanks.
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Depending on the brand of lock thre could be a couple different causes. On some locks, the latch connects to the knob assembly by tabs, if these slide off, usually when not installed properly, the linkage is disconnected and the knob does not retract the latch. On very old locks or cheap newer ones, the spindle attached to the knob can wear the hole in the latch mechanism, with no edge to bite on, the knob turns freely and retracts nothing.
The first thing to try is pressure while turning the knob. Pull in , out, push sideways and up and down, the idea is to change the angle and maybe get some retraction or relieve some pressure on the latch.
If you can access the latch, try pushing it back. Often you can remove the trim on the door frame to do this. Not all latches can be manipulated like this, especially exterior doors.

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