Problems removing a door knob


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Unhappy Problems removing a door knob

I've been trying to remove an existing door knob but have run into some problems. I took the two screws off the inside plate but can't seem to find anything else holding the knob together. The two plates on the door screw out towards the knob so you can see inside the door but I can't seem to find any release mechanism anywhere. Any ideas or suggestions would help.
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Often there will be a small hole on the inside of the lock between the door plate and the knob. This allows access to a spring loaded tab that needs to be depressed while pulling out on the knob. You usually need to turn the knob to find the tab to depress it through the hole. Do you know the brand of lock?
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Thanks for your suggestions. I don't know what brand it is. I can't find any holes on the inside knob, there's one on the outside but it's for the lock. I did find something that looks like a nail or a screw maybe, but I can't figure out how to take it out. There are four holes in the back of the knob but they don't seem to be for much of anything. Elizabeth
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Some Sargent locks have plates that unscrew on both sides. Usually the name would be on the latch face. Sargents have a wire that is visible on the tube perpendicular to the door, that the plates are threaded on, that is visible when the plate is backed all the way off. Depressing the wire acutates a spring tab that lets you pull the knob off.(pull while pressing) Sometimes the spring tab is stuck and pushing the wire will not move it. See if you can see a wire of some sort as it may not even be a Sargent.
Some locks will also use a pin to hold the knob on. Usually on older locks. If this is the case you need a pin punch and a hammer to tap the pin out although occasionaly they will fit loosely and you can push it out with a nail or something by hand. Often one side of the pin will be larger-you should push from the opposite side.
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Smile problems removing a door knob

My front door knob loosened up & I wrote these notes to myself once I fixed it:

* push in the button on top of the shaft of the indoor handle
* pull indoor handle off (it is a handicapped one)
* the inner brass cover was not easily removed (prying on one side seems to lock it on). It can be pried off by finding the two small cutouts on opposite sides and prying both sides at once (or prying a bit on one side and going back and forth until it can be pulled off evenly straight out).
* tighten the two screws
* push the brass cap back on (evenly)
* If the button on the shaft is not in place, jiggle or push the inner sleeve until it pops out.
* slide the handle back on so that the button holds it on
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Notice the date on the previous posts were in 2002. Let's hope that the original poster has resolved their lock problems by now.

Thanks for your tip to write down what one does to remedy a problem, so that there is a reference for what to do should the problem recur.

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