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Question A - Frame

I have an A frame house, meaning it's almost all roof. Recently I've found several places where flashing is not doing it's job, shingles are badly damaged, and fascia boards are showing signs of water damage. Should I attempt to repair this stuff myself, having never done any roofing, or should I have a pro check it out? What does roofing cost? What do most roofers charge? Any answers are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Have a pro check it out.

Roofer usually charge by the square. A square is an area 10 feet by 10 feet which equals 100 square feet. A packet of shingles usually covers a square. Having a "A" frame roof, you are really square, man. If someone suggest tar on the flashing as a temporary fix, get someone else. Depending on how many layers are on the roof already, you might be able to lay another layer over the existing shingles. This is considerable less expensive than ripping off the existing shingles and then applying paper, flashing and shingles. The more squares there are on a roof, the less per square a roofer will charge. Access to the roof is another factor. But because "A" frame roofs are usually easy to access or get on, this will act in your favor when it comes to cost per square. You also want to ask him about Workman Compensation Insurance. This is very important as far as your liability is concerned.

However, there are advantages to ripping off the old than shingling over them. One is that you get to inspect the substrate or underlayment. A lot of times there is damage or deterioration to the underlayment that will not be seen if you shingle over the old roof. In most cases this is useless if you don't talk to the roofer prior to the rip off. Explain to him your concern about the substrate and if a section is deteriorated, you are willing to pay a reasonable extra expense to repair or replace that section. Also, when he rips it off, look for the source of the deterioration. It maybe as simple as taping a duct on the bathroom exhaust fan.

Considering the size of your roof and "A" frame roofs usually extend to cover not only the second floor but also part of the first floor, I would recommend the rip off. The more there is, the more that can go wrong. Inspecting the underlayment in my opinion is prudent.
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I would contact three roofing contractors. Get an estimate from each. Each estimate should include tear off, new felt, new shingles, and if neccessary all new fascia, or else just replace the bad fascia. Also new flashing. Do not get into conversations with them, just let them do their thing. They will each give you an estimate. Go from there. If you have an A frame chances are you have wood shingles. These are more money, but they will last alot longer. Good Luck
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All the rip offs I have had done have included a per square foot charge for decking repair. No one can tell what is under there for sure, and this has always seemed a fair way for everyone. My roofers want to roof, not repair decking and have only done what really needed repair. The first time I used him, I questioned an area that appeared damaged from the ground, and he said it was just water stain and was OK. Great guy. I still use him if I can get him.
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A-frame Roof Story
I have a 28' high A-frame (44' long X 28' wide with two dormers on each side) that we built in 1977.
I had cedar shingles put on when I built it, and quickly learned that the contractor didn't put them on properly, and we had leak problems off and on for years.
(I know, I know. I should have sued him when he didn't come back, but others tried it and he just declared bankruptcy ... another story).
ANYWAY, in 1991, I had a complete tear-off, sheathing repair, 30-lb felt, 40-year fiberglas architectural shingles (8 nails per shingle on ends and edges, 5 on the field shingles), aluminum step-flashing with counter-flashing on the dormers and chimney, and since I'm in a high-wind area, I also had all ends and edges tarred down 8"-12" with black plastic roofing cement.
They had to stage up to remove the old roof, and then removed the staging. Then they staged up to repair the sheathing and install the felt, and then removed the staging. THEN they staged up again to do the roofing.
That was over 11 years ago. We have been through several 100+ mph hurricanes, numerous gale force storms, etc., and we've never had leak or even lost a single shingle.
It cost over $9,000, but I didn't intend to re-roof in MY lifetime.
Get what you pay for. Of course, Hurricane Godzilla may prove me wrong, sooner or later. LOL

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