Gutter guards, anyone?

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Gutter guards, anyone?

I want to install gutter guards to ward-off leaves.
I have checked two types in the Lowes..
One is a solid 4' PVC panel with slight domed shape on top and a tiny slit (1/8") down in the cuved-in area.
The other is also a PVC flat panel 3' long with lots of 1/3" holes on it then covered with a very fine fiber glass screen.
Does anyone have tried any of these two and can tell me are they any good?

Years ago I installed rolled mesh type gutter guards with miserable result...leaves just stuck in the I took them down. Now I want to make sure no surprise with what I choose.

Thanks for the help.
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There are several types of of gutter guards, and they all work the same. They all collect leaves on top of them. I am not a advocate of any of them, but other people love them. From a contractors stand point, the leaves build up on top, and if not cleaned off periodically through the fall, snow and ice will build up and suddenly leaks under the shingles. Good Luck
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I agree with Jack, they keep the leaves out of the gutter, most of the time, well some of the time, but the leaves & junk accumulates on top of them and can cause unseen problems if they cause a blockage and the water wicks up under the shingles.

My neighbor bought one of those gutter flushers like you advertised on TV. Attaches to your hose, has a stiff wand like at a car wash that reduces from your standard garden hose size down to something like 1/4". Seems to do a pretty good job, but haven't ever climbed up there to see how clean the gutter actually are. I think it's only like $10 -$20, and I'm sure you could find it by doing a web search for "as seen on tv products" or thereabouts. Just a suggestion.
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Jack & Awesomedell are right, the leaves will stay on top of the gutter and can back far up into a valley.

Hopefully, your eaves have ice & water shield under the first 36" to resolve any potentential ice damming.

However, I find going up with a broom to sweep the leaves off the gutter guard to be a lot easier than digging them out of the gutter.

I installed galvanized mesh guards, and they kept about 99% of leaves out. Wind and rain would knock most of them off the guards, but I did have to sweep near valleys a few times in October and November.

The mesh guards let melted snow enter the gutter and freeze in the gutter, not stay on top of the guard and freeze there.
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Hi folks!;
I have tried both of these leaf guarding systems. They both have pros and cons. I found that working with the galavanized screens wear gloves! The edges can give you a painful cut. They both still require periodic cleaning. Leaves and pine needles will clog behind the dome and create dams. I ultimately had to spend a number of days reedging the roof to be able to attach, with clips, flat screens to enable the water to run and leaves to move. They still stuck at times to the screens.
Cleaning can be done with the water wand or even with your leafblower. There is a attachment sold that attaches to the leafblower and extends it up to 20 feet. Both can get messy.
I ultimately switched to a covered system. This goes by the name of leafguard. ( NOT mentioned as a commercial advertisement!) You can have a new gutter system installed or retro fit old alum gutters with a compatable cover. It works by the adhesion of the water to the metal and funnels it into the gutter. The leaves and debris are discarded by gravity. It works good. The only drawback seems to be that real small sparrows will attempt to nest in the gutter. Small taps on the bottom of the gutter with a padded stick usually discourages them and they move to a quieter location!

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