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I have a garage that is 24' by 32' built with trusses to leave an open bay. Can drywall be hung from the trusses for adding insulation? I am not sure if weight should be added to the trusses or not.
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Since trusses are an engineered product, it's difficult to know whether the weight of future drywall installation was taken into account during the design process. You could take measurements of the truss components and take them to a local truss manufacturer, who should be able to tell you in short order whether they can handle the extra load without sagging.
But why bother to do that...why not install foam insulation panels instead of drywall. Drywall gives you virtually no insulating value in comparison, and the ease of installing the foam board makes the difference in price well worth it
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Generally trusses are designed to accomodate the weight of sheet
rock. If you look at the sides of the trusses, there should be
a stamp indicating the weight for which the trusses are designed.
Contact your local building inspector with that information that
is stamped on the sides of the trusses and he/she will indicate
if sheet rock can be installed.

Now if your trusses are installed 24 inches on center, then you
should use 5/8 inch thick sheet rock so the sheet rock will not
sag. The sheet rock will provide very little "R" value for
insulating purposes. I suggest that you install 12 inches of
fiberglass insulation, install a minimum of 4 mil vapor barrier
and then the sheet rock. Now you will have an insulated garage.
When you do this some building codes may requuir that you install
a scuttle hole. Contact your building inspector for the required
size scuttle hole in your area.

Clifford A. Olson, Home Inspector
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