Another leaking flat roof problem..

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Because of all the snow we've gotten lately one of our windows in the kitchen started leaking. According to the contractor who worked on the house w/the previous owner, he said they seemed to have an ongoing problem w/this area. He said ice is covering the opening of the drain spout. So, we cleared that, but there is still ice frozen in the opening of the drain. Would pouring hot water over it help?

There is only one drain spout (forgive me if I use the wrong terms, this is all new to me), there is only one drain spout on the front and he said another one would help the problem. We will probably get another one put in. But is there anything else we could do to correct this problem?

Is there a covering or something we can put along the edge and about 6 inches in from it that could be like a double protection?

Would keeping the roof clear help also, there is like 3 inches of ice on it now.

Sorry to ramble on, my husband and I are new homeowners so everything is new to us. I guess I'm really asking for is a second opinion.

Oh, the roof is done a couple months before we purchased the house.

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Yes, there is a very simple solution. Now you and your husband will want to discuss this before doing it. Your problem is very common in snow areas. You can take down you down spout during the winter. Instead install what is called a clip on down spout. You will probably have to replace about 6 feet of gutter also. This is clip on also. These clip on types are relatively new to the market place, and were made for just this reason. 90% of all gutters we install, are clip on. People just snap them off in the fall, and put them back up in the spring. They can be purchased in most Home Improvement stores. They will fit right in with your existing gutter. Good Luck

Jack the Contractor

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