New roof, tear off or layover?

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I am replacing the roof on my two level townhome. I hired some people to do a tear off and replace with new. They felt that they could just do a lay over as there is only one layer of shingle. It is the origional roof, about 25 years old. It is still in pretty good shape. I decided to do the layover because I am trying to sell the house and I had a problem a year ago with another house I sold where I did do a layover. Any suggestions on what the best course of action is? Thanks.
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please,tear it said you had hired someone to do a tear off and reshingle this roof.with a lay over you are depending on the old roofing to much, they did what they were designed to do.make sure that they pull the tacks out and not drive in. they will only work back out and cause the roof to leak.after 25 years the pipe flashings may need to be replaced also. any flashings around the dead walls should be checked and replaced if badly rusted.good luck
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Boatcrazy, I'm a real estate broker, and although it is cheaper to do a layover, I advise you to do a tear off, because buyers will put better value on a better job. New roofing is a definite marketing plus (done right), if you plan to sell. Plus, a layover voids the warranty, although many building codes allow one layover.A layover job will not last nearly as long as a tear off, and most people know that. Roofing is one of the most visible parts of a house, and people seem to think that if the seller chintzed out on the roof job, what else is wrong with the place that I can't see. What would you want to see, if you were a buyer comparing properties?
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Here is one of those areas where everyone is right. This is your call. It can be done either eay. Just so you know, hundreds of
homes are sold everyday with two or more layers of roofing on them. All the buyer wants is a good roof, and a roof inspection showing 5 to 7 years left on them. If you doput another roof over the old one, be sure
you use 30lb felt. It is heavier, and will make the new roof look smoother. Good Luck

Jack the Contractor
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The best thing to do is the do a tear off and reroof properly.

If you are in a cold climate be sure that the roofer installs
ice and water membrane.

Codes in most places allow two layers of roof.

It has been said that the warranty would be voided if two
layers are installed. Every manufacturer that I know of not
only will warranty the second layer but also include
instructions with their bundles of roofing telling the
installer how to do it.

The problem comes when the second layer of roofing is
incorrectly installed. The second layer, first of all,
cannot be placed over curling shingles. Secondly, the
second layer of shingles must be "nested" into the first
layer. When I inspect a roof and see that it is done wrong,
I tell the owner that the roof will not last as long because
the rain, sleet and snow will cause the granules to come off
sooner if the shingles have not been nested.

You can always tell if the second layer has not been nested
because the first row along the eaves should be only 3" wide
instead of 5 inches. Also when they are not nested, you can
see the bumps from the first layer "telegraphed" through the
second layer.

Whenever a second layer is applied, the flashing/louvers etc.
must be removed and replaced under the second layer of

To make a long story short, I would rather see you do a tear
off job but if you do want to put on a second layer, make
sure the contractor knows what he/she is doing and that they
do it right.

Also, never put on a third layer -- it is against most
building codes to do so.

Clifford A. Olson, Home Inspector
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I am wondering if anyone has set trusses on top of an existing roof? We have a low pitch on a ranch home and would like to put a steeper pitch on the roof. Is it possible to avoid taking the existing roof off and just set the trusses on the existing roof?

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