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A roofer told me he is better than others because he covers 3/4 of each shingle and they don't. Does this make sense?

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hi sondra,
without knowing the pitch of your roof it is
hard to say. properly installed shingels on most roofs should have [5] five inches exposed on the bottom. check your old roofing to see what you have now. this should tell you if you need to go to the [3] inches
this guy is talking about. think about this,
there are a few roofers out there and a whole
lot of shingel layers. i think i would talk
to someone else. good luck
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Maybe he was just saying this for the effect. The pitch isn't especially steep. I live in Southern California, where we don't get much rain (don't know if that has anything to do with it).

If what he said is useless, I'm not going to trust him with what to me is a big, expensive job.
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If your roof has a pitch so low that it needs shingles that
are installed with 3 inches to the weather, then you are
installing the wrong type of roofing material. Three tab
shingles are designed to do the job with 5 inches to the
weather and the only exception is when you are putting a
second layer over the first, the first course only should
be 3 inches to the weather so the next layers will nest
into the ones underneath.

The code book that I have reads as follows: "Shingles shall
not be installed on a roof having a slope less that 4 inches
in 12 inches except that asphalt shingles may be installed
on slopes as low as 2 inches in 12 inches, provided the
shingles are aproved self-sealing or are hand-sealed and are
installed with an underlayment consisting of two layers of
type 15 felt applied shingle fashion." The code book says
nothing about the requirement to overlap them more than the
manufactureres recommendation.

Clifford A. Olson, Home Inspector
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This guy is feeding you a line. If this guy was really better, he would have told you that he puts down roof seal, where others do not. Good Luck

Jack the Contractor
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Thanks, Clifford and Jack. I had the feeling there was something odd about covering a different amount of shingle than everybody else.
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He is probably trying to make more money by selling you product that you don't really need.

Whether the guy uses a 6" or 4" drip line would also set him apart from others.

Have you checked his references?

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