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I just purchased a home with an older shingle roof (10-15yrs) that appears to be in good shape. The southern exposure is a light gray with a little streaking, the northern exposure looks almost black from??? Would it be possible to spray it with a mild bleach solution or maybe TSP and then rinse it? Suggestions? I would like to get a few more years out of it so I don't want to try anything too harsh.
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What you have is a case of the "white shingle" curse. White shingles almost always streak and stain like this. There is nothing that I know that can take care of it short of tearing it off or re-shingling over it.

White is the worst color to work with. Sorry for your problem.

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I have a medium gray roof with the black mold streaking problem. After researching what, if anything can be done (one suggestion was zinc strips made for this purpose installed along the top ridgeline), and another was scrubbing with TSP, etc. I elected to live with it and not shorten the life of my 1990 roofing (40-year limited warranty fiberglas shingles). My neighbors all have the same problem. One idiot had his roof pressure-washed to remove the existing stain, a very temporary solution at best, and one which will tremendously shorten the life of his roofing. But hey, what do I know. I don't intend to re-roof in this lifetime. LOL
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P.S. I did try a test of the zinc strip on a side porch roof, and it didn't do zip. The mold must of thought that it was fertilizer.
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The zinc strips do work given enough time... some people expect too much too fast...
or don't install something correctly and then *****... Good answers get lost because of this... Sorry for my french...

First, remove large clumps of moss by brushing them off with a broom.

Next, using a garden pump sprayer, spray on a cleaning solution. You have several choices: a solution of 1/4- to 1/2-ounce copper sulfate to 10 gallons of water or a 10-percent solution of zinc chloride and 90 percent water.

Even a deck cleaner such as Deck Boss works just as effectively and might be less corrosive.

Whichever solution you use, be sure to cover shrubs and plants, and thoroughly rinse the roof and gutters with water.

Obviously, wear protective goggles and clothing, and work safely while on a ladder or wet roof.

After your roof is clean, nail Shingle Shield zinc roof strips along the ridge. Shingle Shields, from the Chicago Metallic Co. (1-800-638-5192 anytime), are 3--by-36-inch strips that react with rain to leach zinc oxide onto the shingles. The compound inhibits the growth of any further moss, fungus and algae, and that you can shout from the rooftops.

There's also have a Shingle Shield roof cleaner.
I hope this helps, I stole it from this site,
I have been a roofer for 17 yrs. and this is the best way to resolve fungus problems.
good luck.... Keiser...
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A. I always defer to the pros in their field of endeavor,
B. I scored "borderline" on my last moron test, so I know that the zinc strips are properly installed,
C. The strips have been out there for several years, and the black mold is 10 times larger than when they were installed,
D. That tells me that zinc strips, at best, are a preventative measure for AFTER a proper cleaning (which I did not do), and
E. Thanks for the cleaning tips. I will tackle my 24/12 A-frame (28' high X 44' long) after I experiment on the porch roof.
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I would be an idiot to get in the middle of this discussion.

Jack the Contractor
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Ahhhhh, come on, Jack. Gotta admit that this one was more fun than usual. roflmao. Mike

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