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Were tearing the shingles off of our house soon (50 year old house), with the plan of priming and painting the wood underneath. Originally, there was a carport next to the main part of the house that was turned into
an addition some time ago. I believe there was a gap between the main house and what was once the carport; thhe previous owners had a new roof installed and there's some sort of sealant on the roof between the main house and the addition. This sealant is attached to the existing shingles.

* What could this stuff be?
* What do I need to do to keep this area from leaking water into the addition?
* I'm not sure there's even a gap, but why would they put this stuff on the roof and shingles?

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My guess is that this sealer is either black or grey and hard as nails. If so, it is what we call mastic. It is a patch product for roofs.

What's with painting the wood underneath the shingles? I'm confused.

Are you doing the work yourself or hiring it out? If you are hiring it out, they "should" know what to do.

Send another post when you get to the problem and let us know what you find. It's difficult to answer a fixit question when you don't know what you are fixing.

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The shingles are horrible 1950's type; the wood underneath is nice tongue and groove, and most of the houses in our neighborhood, which are going through renovations, are removing their shingles in favor of the original wood. We were planning on doing the removal and subsequent painting ourselves.
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Remove roofing without replacing it? Painting t&g roof sheathing? Man, these people must live in the middle of a desert, or it's REAL thick paint. This is an entirely new one on me. I hope that they run this by their insurance agency first. They'll never collect on the rain storm damage, if they leave their roof like this. LOL. Then again, maybe they know something that I don't. Noah did.
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