loosing shingles from new roof


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I have a new home in Nebraska that was shingled this winter. I lost several shingles in a 50-60 mph wind. I was told this was because the shingles haven't had enough heat to seal down, but I noticed that the lost shingles still have the plastic strip covering the adhesive. Shouldn't these have been pulled off before intstallation? What are my recourses? A complete new intstallation?
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Good Morning,
The plastic strips are left on the shingles. As the shingles are staggered during instalation the plastic strip will no longer be over the adhesive strip. The heat of the sun melts the adhesive to the shingle underneath and you have a good solid roof. Perhaps your's had not received enough sun yet to adhear properly.
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The blown off shingles can be replaced without tearing the whole roof off.

Replace a shingle that's missing (or loose) by gently bending back the shingles above it. Remove any nails and remaining scrap pieces. Slide and nail the new shingle in place. Then glue down the raised shingles with roofing

It's not fun, but it's what you do when this happens.

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For some reason, this was a bad year to shingle in the winter in the midwest. I was lucky. We shingled 4 buildings this winter, and never lost one shingle, however, many buildings in the Dakota's and Nebraska lost shingles this winter. The winds do have something to do with it. You can just replace the lost shingles. Make sure they are nailed down, not stapled, and that the nails are in the right location on the shingles, and that the shingle nails are long enough. We went to 2" nails. Let the sun come out to about 70 degrees aor a couple of days, and your roof will seal.
It is probably not the roofers fault, but if you are nice to him, he will probably drive by and nail the few back on. Good Luck

Jack the Contractor
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