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I'm considering a new roof w/asphalt shingles. Roof is approx 960 sq ft. How long for two people to strip roof this size?? If i decide not to strip and shingle over old shingles, what preparation is necessary?
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A good roofing team that does it every day can strip that size roof in an easy day. For an inexperienced person 2 to 3 days. However, a professional roofer, will usually not tear off more then he can recover that same day. If you decide not to tear off your old roof, make sure you put down 30lb
felt on top of the old shingles. Good Luck

Jack the Contractor
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To answer your question on how long it would take two people to tear off about ten sq. roof. You didn't mention if the existing roof is one layer or has been roofed over once or possibly twice, the pitch of the roof, if the roof has any obstructions on it like valleys.
Going on the idea that the roof is a single layer, 6/12 or less pitch and no obstuctions
except vents. It would take myself and another person a half day (about 5 hrs.)
to tear-off and reinstall the eaves drip, felt, shingles, all the vent leads and boxes and ridge caps.
Two people that are serious about getting it done should be able to do it in a day if you do your homework first, have a good idea exactly what materials the job will need (two hours to run to home depot is two hours of undone work, in a 10hr day thats 1/5 of your job not done) I get paid for the amount of work done not how long I'm there.
A good idea about how to do the job from start to finish before you even get on the roof. It will go like a breaze. You can't beat a good plan for any job but remember the rule that nothing ever goes as planned. A plan is a merely a guide. I've been a roofer in Florida for 17 yrs. and in the time it takes to put my tools on the roof I already made the plan in my head where to start and how to finish. Its second nature to me now. I've done 200 sq. 4 story apartment buildings with 9/12 boston gables hanging from the front and nothing but deadwalls and vents and boots on the backs by myself in two weeks a shot. That was hard work but I got paid. We usually get $12 a sq my boss paid me $24 a sq. (A sq. in roofing is 10'X10' or 100 sq. feet.) good luck and remember its a great job when its done.

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hey kieser
if you work that cheap and are happy about it, you should come to nc, i'll give all the work you want.I grew up in west palm beach and even when i was just starting if a man told me that price he would still be lookin for me to show up. lol
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If you have just one layer of shingles, you don't have to tear off. If so, you don't have to lay felt either.

At your starter cut shingles to butt up to the second full course of shingles. Lay your first course over the starters as usual.

Now, butt every shingle up to the bottom of of the course above it.

If you do it this way it will work out just fine. If you don't you will have cupped shingles. Wherever the shingle cups will become a water trap.

Use 1 1/4" nails on the main roof and 1 1/2" nails on the hips and ridge.

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You can work for me anytime. I charge,$125.00 a square, plus tear off, plus disposal, plus any scaffolding or roof jacks.
I have a crew roofing every day of the year. I cannot even begin to get caught up. Did you say Florida. Yes, I have a crew roofing
in northern Florida right now. They have been there since Thanksgiving.

Jack the Contractor
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You guys are serious?.... I get paid good for where I live, not having a roofing licence..
The cost of living in my area is low... good straight houses... I've worked all over and it all comes out to be about the same in the end... when you include the cost of living...
Sorry guys but I do like how much I make... I stopped chasing wild dreams a long time ago... But thanks none the less for thinking of me... Keiser....

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