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I want to install a drip edge on a recently completed storage shed, as recommended by the mfg. I've researched the other sites on-line and found lots of info on felt/under-layments/shingles/sheathing, etc...and of to install.

My problem is that there isn't any good info on how to install the drip-edge, especially when dealing with bends or angles of the roof.

My shed was sold by Lowe's and is made by Handy Home Products, the Chelsea Mansfield model, 10'W X 12'D X 8'H.

To view the shed and get an idea of the roof pitch, please go to:

enter their site and click on storage, and locate the Chelsea Mansfield (Amish style) shed

Viewing the shed from the front (I can't give actual pitch ratio), with the roof peak centered over the dbl. doors: the 48" roof sheathing panel pitches down on a slight angle till it meets/abuts the next pitched 42" roof sheathing panel, that slopes sharply to a slight soffit flare of ~ 5.5".

I can't find instructions on how to install/bend/cut the roof edge to fit from the initial peak to the first 'hip' to the next 'valley' and then to the soffit overhang.

Any info is appreciated


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Looked at your little barn. we build several a year for customers. Drip mold only comes in 12 foot lengths. So, you will need two at each end. I think each edge is shorter then 12 feet. So start at the peak and come down your first angle. Take a side cutter or metal shears and make a cut on the side that hangs down. cut it to the flange, and then just bend to fit your roof angle and
away you go. For your information the drip mold is put down before the shingles are put on. If you are going to put in on after, you will have to nail through the edges of your shingles. Good Luck

Jack the Contractor
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drip edge comes in ten ft. take a small piece of metal(drip edge)put it on the side at the bottom, slide your bottom piece to it .nail the bottom either
measure or eye it. the next piece goes up the side. just cut it at the angle that is there.Dont'start from the top water runs downhill!!!!!

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